Brick Store Stables
Covington, GA
Allison Gresham, Trainer
Developing the complete hunt-seat rider through lessons, competition, and horse companionship.

Strong Rock IEA Team

Strong Rock Equestrian Team , coached by Allison Gresham practices and at the Brick Store Stables location.  The SR Equestrian Team is derived of a Middle and High School competitive Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) Team, in addition to an Elementary through High School Club Level Team. Please contact Allison Gresham at for more information.

Strong Rock Equestrian Team Roster:

IEA High School Team
Liddy Strickland
Abbie Poss
Haley Ballard
Macon Shackleford
Georgiana Pennell

IEA Academy Competitive team
Savannah Ritter
Addy Lee Holmes
Ryliegh Hutchinson

Club Riders
Maci Buice
Lanie Buice

Delana Champaign
Olivia Elmore
Josie Evans
Fayth Keefer

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